IQS Group
Providing high-quality wooden building materials and impeccable services to our valued clients.
Your Trusted Partner for Wooden Building Materials in the Asia Pacific
We manufacture and supply a wide range of quality wooden building materials to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your business.
Wood: A sustainable building material
Offering quality, innovative and sustainable wooden building materials for the comfort of people’s homes and the benefits of your business.
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We are IQS Group

IQS Group is a reputable company in the Asia Pacific with an unwavering passion for improving people’s homes and businesses with a wide range of quality, innovative and sustainable wooden building materials.  


IQS Group has over 15 years of proven expertise and experience in providing reliable and sustainable wood products in Asia and globally. We believe quality is our lifeline, and sustainability is our next step moving forward.

IQS Group

Why choose IQS Group

Professional team

We uphold high managerial standards, quality manufacturing and client relationship management throughout the project life cycle. Doing so allows us to produce and meet requirements orderly and timely, leading to long-lasting relationships with the clients.

Quality assurance

Our team adopts strict quality assurance throughout the entire order life cycle. We do this by leveraging industry-standard manufacturing technologies with the highest quality equipment to ensure our valued clients receive nothing but the best.

On-time delivery

As your trusted partner, you can count on us to fulfil your expectations and deliver them according to the agreed timeline.


With our expert team and extensive resources, we can undertake customised orders of wooden building materials upon request (specification, grading and sizes).

Trendy design and special finishing

Our wooden building materials are not only durable but also resonate with the market trend and consumer preferences. We do this to stay relevant among our prospects and competitors.


All our products are legal, safe, eco-friendly and certified by the FSC, PEFC and CE.


Our Services

Our Products

Oak Engineered Wood Flooring


Oak Lumber


Reclaimed Wood

Oak Wood:

Versatile and Durable. Here’s why.

Oak is a type of hardwood and one of the most popular woods used in furniture making and flooring. It is durable, easy to work with and comes in either a stained look or a clear, natural finish. Oakwood comes in various hues (from light beige, brown, to red) with a unique, recognisable grain pattern. Moreover, oak wood is one of the toughest woods globally, with Janka Values* between 1,260 and 1,360 Janka. Hence, if you have an active lifestyle, oak wood will hold up better than other wood types.

*Hardness, or “JANKA VALUE”, is measured with a test of resistance of a wood sample to denting and wear. It measures the force required to embed an 11.28mm (. 444 in) steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter, leaving an indentation in the wood.

How Can We Help?

If you have any enquiry about our wood products or services, do reach out to us, and we will provide you with the right solutions.